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June 10, 2021
Why Gardening is Important in Covid 19

Why Gardening is Important in Covid 19?

The Covid 19 pandemic has installed the urge on the requirement of things that people require to produce their own food at home including seedlings, seeds, and chooks. This initiative is also the outcome of a high rise in the price of edible items and produce. This pandemic has also hit garden centres in Brisbane where people started looking for growing their own crops and vegetables online.

We live in an unusual time, where new and emerging challenges require creative and out-of-box solutions. The rapid emergence of COVID-19 around the world has re-shaped our way of living, thereby impacting every aspect of our daily lives.

From lost jobs to shortages of food and supplies to social unrest, COVID-19 has taken a toll on everything. Considered as a pastime or hobby by some, home gardening has experienced an impressive resurgence in popularity.

With more people considering vegetable gardening to occupy time, the garden centres and garden nurseries in Brisbane have become a haven for all plant lovers. Getting plants online in Brisbane is also one of the means to gather garden supplies for setting up one’s home garden.

Psychological benefits of gardening

Although everyone’s physical health is highly dependent on following safe practices such as frequently washing hands and social distancing, with such efforts mostly aimed at preventing the spread of the virus, these practices have come at a price.

As per the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, social distancing has the following effects.

  1. Depression
  2. Apathy
  3. Anxiety
  4. Frustration
  5. Boredom
  6. Anger

It has also be noted that spending outdoors with the purpose of some recreational activity can boost the body as well as the mind. Activities like gardening can act as a mind booster where most people have felt a sense of relation and calmness, thus reducing anxiety and stress having to spend some time outdoors.

Physical benefits of gardening

  1. Improvement in air quality

    Both indoor and outdoor plants are natural air purifiers. Green plants help us by taking in air pollution and carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen in return. This in turn helps in improving the overall health and well-being thus reducing exposure to harmful toxins.

  2. Gardening help in body movement

    Gardening is not just a fun pastime, but also a way to remain active and enjoy all of the benefits which would come. Keeping in mind that exercising regularly is the key to good health. Planning your upcoming days and schedule can help you retain good health.

Less reliability in grocery shops

The COVID 19 pandemic has not just disrupted our lives but also has disrupted the supply chains as well as food production. Shortage of food has in a way encouraged producing your own homegrown food items. Growing your own food crops not only makes sure that your family is well-fed but also reduces the stress on the family’s food supply chain. However, you need to get the right garden materials and supplies from any of the local garden centre or garden nursery in Brisbane.

The Final Thoughts

With growing tensions about the food supply and exposure to this contagious viral pandemic, increase awareness for a healthy lifestyle has turned most people towards gardening. No matter what level of expertise you have your desire for participation in the green revolution is all that matters. To start your green venture wait no more and head to your local garden centre or get your desired plants online.


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