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Vriesea is one of the forty genera of bromeliads. Within the genus, there are hundreds of different species and many more varieties and cultivars. These are native to Central and South America but are grown as indoor plants all over the world. The Vriesea genus includes many small to medium varieties but also incorporates some of the largest growing bromeliads.

Vrieseas are popularly known for their spectacular and long-lasting flower spikes. The Vrieseas that do not produce or display showy flower spikes usually has interesting foliage. It is rare that a Vriesea would have both unique foliage and a distinct flower spike.

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  • Vriesea is commonly known as the “flaming sword”.
  • It is a beautiful bromeliad with a lance-shaped or linear foliage.
  • The foliage is green or purple and often crossbands of dark brown.
  • The flowers shapes vary and are short-stalked.
  • Hs flattened spike-like racemes or panicles.
  • The long flower that rises above the foliage has flat and bright red bracts like a sword.
  • Gowing and caring for this plant is not difficult.
  • They are adaptable to a wide range of light compared to other house plants.
  • Thrives well in shaded areas as well as areas with bright indirect sunlight.
  • Prefers well-watered soil not soggy or excessively wet soil.
  • It can be fertilised using a slightly acidic and diluted fertiliser.

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