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Trachelospermum Tricolor Jasmine

An all-time favourite amongst gardening and plant enthusiast for its versatility and year-round colour. Grow as a twining low ground cover, or as a climber up a trellis. They can be clipped to an effective tight low hedge. They have variegated pink-cream-copper evergreen leaves and bear highly scented white starry flowers during the summer and spring.

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  • A variegated evergreen and self-twining low ground cover or climber.
  • Bears white coloured star-like perfumed flowers in spring and summers.
  • Has glossy green leaves with splashes of white, copper-tan and pink shades.
  • Works as great ground cover, over a trellis or tree trunk.
  • Plant in full sun to part shade in the garden.
  • Requires well-drained soil to grow.
  • Needs to be protected from hard frost.
  • Benefits well from mulching and fertilising.
  • Requires well-drained and fertile soil to grow.

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