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Tif Tuf Bermuda

$13.95 -Per Square Metre

Tif Tuf is a dynamic fine leaf hybrid Bermuda grass with a long list of high-performance features. This shade-tolerant, wear, drought, heat, weed, pest and disease resistant grass variety is the new and low maintenance grass of the future.



  • Does not go dormant during drought, like other grasses.
  • Better quality and aesthetics under drought stress than varieties.
  • Superior in colour and density.
  • Greens up quick in spring and retain green colour in fall.
  • Requires at least a few hours of direct sunlight.
  • Has better shade tolerance.
  • Resistant to wear and tear.
  • Recovers quickly from wear/tear or drought.
  • Product is disease resistant.
  • Can be installed anytime around the year.
  • Can be mowed using a reel, rotary lawnmower.

Available in per square meters in Capalaba Nursery Brisbane.


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