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Also known as the distinctive bird of paradise (Strelitzia Reginae or Strelizia Nicolai) is one of the popular flowering plants amongst all the tropical flowers and is a close cousin of bananas. Strelitzias are easy to grow than most other tropical plants and makes for a vigorous and rapidly growing indoor plant. It can be relocated in the outside during summer. The flowers bloom in the late winter or early spring, but under optimal conditions, it can flower at other times as well.

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  • Also known as the “bird of paradise”.
  • This is a classic tropical flower on long thick stems.
  • Shaped like a bird’s beak and crest and has orange and purple shade.
  • The large oar-shaped foliage forms in upright clumps
  • Suitable for tropical-style gardens, poolsides and large containers.
  • Requires full sun to a partly shaded position to grow.
  • Needs mulch and water regularly until the plant establishes.
  • Remove the spent flowers and old foliage when required
  • After maturing, separate new shoots and plant elsewhere in the garden.

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