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Standard Roses

Standard roses, often identified as ‘Rose Trees’, are perfect for adding traction or focus to your garden. For a hedge effect or a formal look plant these roses in a row (approx. 1.2m apart). Standard roses are ideal for planting in pots for corridors, patios and balconies but make sure to add a stake that would adequately support the plant.

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  • Also known as “tree rose”
  • Standard roses are grafted onto long stems and grown on a hardy rootstock.
  • They usually come in different heights.
  • A little bit expensive than common bush roses.
  • Usually, come in different colours.
  • Heights vary from 70 cm, 85 cm and 105 cms.
  • Suited for growing in containers and patio areas.
  • Like many roses, they require a support stake to grow.
  • Requires pruning every year to prevent the top from getting heavy for the stem.
  • Pruning can influence heavy flowering.
  • Requires organic fertiliser application during springs.
  • Benefits greater from growing in the garden.

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