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Sir Grange Zoysia

$23.95 -Per Square Metre

Sir Grange is a hardy and tough turf. It suits full sunny weather and has high drought tolerance on establishing in about 100-200mm of sand. This is an important consideration for both residential and commercial lawns. This bright green turf has a high tolerance for footfall. Comes with excellent self-repairing capability once the root is fully established to the optimal depth of 200mm. Sir Grange is a fine leaf zoysia cultivar that offers total luxury with its top of the line features. Sir Grange will surprise and amaze at how little effort is needed for it to look as beautiful as it does.



  • It can handle full sun.
  • Has high drought tolerance.
  • Has high wear tolerance.
  • Product is self-repairing.
  • Exhibits minimal damage when scalped
  • Has high shade tolerance with only 3 hours of direct sunlight.
  • Requires 50% less mowing than the other varieties.
  • Turf can be mowed at varied lengths.
  • Needs 75% less nitrogen than the other turf varieties. 
  • In many cases will need little to no fertiliser. 
  • It is a low allergic grass type.
  • The soft fine leaf texture is ideal for pets and children.

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