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Sedum is a perennial plant that has thick, succulent leaves, fleshy stems and bears clusters of star-shaped flowers. There are several different varieties and species of sedum that are also known as the “stonecrop”. This plant is suitable for planting in almost any garden design. They’re hardy, easy to care for and popular choice among gardening enthusiasts.

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  • Sedum is an evergreen perennial creeping groundcover.
  • A native plant of Mexico and belongs to the Crassulaceae family.
  • Perfect addition for rock gardens.
  • It forms a beautiful mat with small star-shaped bright yellow small leaves.
  • The leaves are tiny, needle-like and lime green in colour.
  • Works well for containers and hanging baskets.
  • Requires direct light for 4-5 hours daily.
  • Keep protected from the rain.
  • Fertilisers are generally not required unless the plant is growing actively.

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