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Searles Cacti and Succulent Mix 25ltr

This mix contains sufficient fertilisers for up to 9 months of plant growth. This product is specifically formulated to achieve a heavy mixture with an open texture. This helps enable free drainage and air circulation. This mix is blended from superior-grade ingredients. The unique formulation of the product is ideal for producing brilliant cacti & succulents. Suitable to be used in pots and garden application.


  • The product contains high-grade ingredients for growing cacti & succulents.
  • It is suitable for pots & gardens.
  • Product is enriched with organic compost and potash bloom booster.
  • Mixed with 12-month robust controlled-release fertiliser.
  • It contains complete plant feed.
  • The product contains penetraide re-Wetting Granules.
  • Helps in management for cacti & succulents.
  • The packaging for 25 litres size contains recycled and eco-friendly plastic.

Available in 25 litres pack in Capalaba Nursery, Brisbane.


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