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Rhoeo, including Rhoeo discolour and Rhoeo spathacea is a plant of many names. Depending on where you live, you may call this plant Moses-in-the-cradle, Moses-in-a-basket, boat lily and oyster plant. Rich duo-toned foliage, purple and green, perfect for garden planting and containers, awkward places like dry spots, under trees, rockeries. Clumps up in no time. Rhoeo makes for an excellent and fast-growing ground cover in the garden.

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  • Rhoeo plants are commonly known as “boat plants” or “oyster plant”
  • Rhoeo makes an excellent and fast-growing cover in the garden.
  • It is a short-stemmed tender foliage plant.
  • Rhoeo plants make for an attractive small and dense shrub that spread in clumps.
  • Produces small and white flowers in the axils of the leaves.
  • They are easy to grow and maintain.
  • These plants are not accustomed to heavy downpours.
  • They do not grow well in areas of heavy rainfall.
  • Avoid overwatering of the plants.
  • Water only when deemed necessary.
  • Improper drainage may cause the plat to suffer from rotting roots.
  • Natural and indirect bright sunlight is favourable for plant growth.
  • Well-drained fertile and organic-rich soil is good for the plant.
  • Organic fertiliser should be applied during the main growing season (June-July).
  • This plant can be used as an excellent ground cover for hanging baskets.

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