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Pyrostegia Venusta

Pyrostegia venusta or the Flame Vine is an evergreen climber that bears the wonderful showers of orange, tubular flowers during the winter/spring. It has attractive, lush green leaves which are paired along the sinewy and thin branches. This plant has strong twiners which will cling to almost anything, including bare brick walls.

Although a strong trellis or fence is best recommended when it is full of bloom. It will flower at its best in a sheltered sunny position and be an absolute delight in winter when many other flowers are dormant. This is a hardy plant that will tolerate coastal conditions, drought, frost and even neglect, once established.

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  • Popularly known as the “flame vine” or “golden shower”.
  • This evergreen vine is a quick and expansive climber from the Bignoniaceae family.
  • Has a dark and attractive green compound foliage with 2-8 leaflets.
  • This evergreen plant has branched tendrils to climb over wall or trellis.
  • This plant produces bright orange tubular flowers that occur in drooping clusters.
  • Usually blooms during springs and summers.
  • Watering is needed when the soil feels dry.
  • Thorough watering is needed in summers and less watering in winter or rains.
  • Applying fertiliser and pruning should be done in springs.
  • Requires more than 6 hours of direct and bright sunlight.
  • Requires a well-drained, fertile soil that is organic-rich.
  • Organic fertilisers are most preferable for the plant.
  • This plant is highly useful for ornamental purposes.

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