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Pothos has numerous common names, including the golden pothos, hunter’s robe, ivy arum, money plant, and taro vine. The other interesting name is devil’s ivy is because it’s almost impossible to kill the plant and it stays alive even when kept in the dark. In tropical forests, pothos can grow incredibly large and climb and clamber over the entire landscape. The ones that are meant for the indoors are tamer than its tropical counterparts. You can grow pothos outside in a shady location as a ground cover or scrambling vine. They are going to make a perfect addition for your home and garden.

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  • Pothos is a very beautiful house plant, which requires minimal care and is easy to handle.
  • They are known to be an easy beginner’s house plant.
  • They create a pleasing environment for homes and gardens.
  • Acts as a natural purifier, by removing toxins from the surrounding atmosphere.
  • Requires adequate sunlight, bright or indirect light to sustain.
  • Too much direct light can destroy the foliage.
  • Watering is needed when the soil seems dry. Do not overwater or let water to accumulate.

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