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The common name Poinciana comes from the tree originally being placed in the genus of the same name. It has also been called flamboyant and, along with many other trees, flame tree. Magnificent shade tree for warm climates, flowers in clusters of fiery-red fan-shaped flowers spring and summer and impressively large pods. Grows to 10 metres. Often the branches low down so fantastic for climbing.

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  • Poinciana is a species of a flowering plant.
  • They are mostly found in Madagascar’s dry deciduous forests.
  • It usually grows to a modest height and spreads widely its dense foliage.
  • In areas of the dry season, it sheds its leaves during the drought,
  • In other areas, they are practically evergreen.
  • They require tropical to semi-tropical climate to grow.
  • Tolerant to drought and salty conditions.
  • Mostly prefers an open and free draining sandy, loamy and organic-rich soil.
  • Heavy or clay soils are not favourable for the tree.
  • Flowers profusely during dry weather.

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