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  • The palmate pattern of leaf veins is marked in some species.
  • Visible as furrows in the leaves or as coloured lines.
  • Most Peperomias have tiny flowers.
  • They are which are characterised by greenish or brown conical spike (spadix).
  • Peperomia is an attractive houseplant.
  • Peperomia grows well in light to moderate light.
  • They can be easily grown under fluorescent lights.
  • Requires moist soil during the growing season with relatively high humidity through spraying.
  • A loose, well-drained, rich potting mix is favourable for the plant.
  • Peperomia do well in a relatively cool environment.
  • Does not likes dry spells.
  • Requires diluted liquid fertiliser biweekly during the growing season.
  • Controlled-release fertilizer pellets can also be used.

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