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Monstera is a tropical plant from the Araceae family. Its name, as one might guess, comes from the Latin meaning “abnormal” because of its odd-looking, perforated leaves that are often punched through with holes. The best-known variety is Monstera Deliciosa, or Mexican Breadfruit, in reference to its corncob-shaped fruit. The fruit is said to taste like a combination of pineapple, banana, and mango). It’s not all delicious. However, the rest of the plant is poisonous and eating the fruit before it’s ripe can cause irritation the mouth.

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  • Commonly known as “Hurricane”, “Swiss cheese plant” or “Split-leaf Philodendron”.
  • Monstera is a popular houseplant with large, glossy green leaves.
  • The leaves have deep splits and holes.
  • The flowers are whitish-green spadix and white spathe.
  • Flowers rarely in indoors.
  • Easy to grow and maintain.
  • Requires a well-drained and fertile soil for growing.
  • Requires watering when the topsoil dries.
  • No overwatering.
  • Needs watering in summer and less in winter or rainy seasons.
  • Apply organic fertilizer once a month during the main growing season, April – August.
  • Requires loosening of topsoil for an easy mixture of nutrients and moisture.

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