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Mock Oranges

Although it’s not a true orange, its name supposedly comes from the fragrant white flowers which in some varieties are thought to resemble that of orange blossoms. While the blooming of this lovely shrub is short (only about a week or two), yet you can still enjoy the dark green foliage of mock orange plants. They come in many varieties, ranging in height from 4-8 feet or more.


  • Mock Oranges are a beautiful and iconic plant.
  • It is a hardy and deciduous plant.
  • Blooms pretty, fragrant and white flowers in the springs.
  • The flowers have a citrusy fragrance.
  • The foliage ranges from medium to dark green.
  • Requires full, morning or afternoon sun.
  • Grows well in clay, loams, sand and silted soils.
  • Well-drained soil of 6.5 – 7.5 Ph is favourable.
  • This plant is low maintenance.
  • Resistant to drought, dry soils and heat.

Available for sale in Capalaba Nursery, Brisbane.


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