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Miniature Roses

Miniature roses are true roses that have been selectively bred to stay small in size. Most miniatures also have smaller flowers than standard rose bushes, but they come in the same variety of types and colours. Despite their small size, miniature roses are extremely hardy. In fact, because they are propagated on their own roots and not grafted onto the rootstock, they are more winter hardy than most tea roses. They also tend to be profuse repeat bloomers.

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  • A woody perennial flowering plant of the genus Rosa Rose.
  • Known as the ‘Queen of Flowers’ and the ‘King of Flowers’ for its sweet fragrance.
  • Known by “Rosa” or “Gulab”.
  • Has its unique beauty, colour and fragrance.
  • Grows and blooms all year round.
  • Easy to grow and maintain.
  • Requires 3-6 hours of sunlight to grow well.
  • Requires bright direct sunlight.
  • Needs a well-drained and organic-rich soil for growth.
  • Requires well watering. Do not overwater.
  • Apply organic fertiliser once a month.
  • Can be planted indoors and outdoor.
  • Requires pruning when needed.

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