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Metrosideros is a genus of approximately 60 trees, shrubs and vines that are mostly found in the Pacific region in the family Myrtaceae. Most of the trees are small, but some are exceptionally large. The New Zealand species, in particular, are large in stature. Metrosideros is one of the most widely spread flowering plant genera in the Pacific.

Metrosideros seeds are very lightweight and easily dispersed by wind. The seeds can also survive freezing temperatures, and up to 30 days submerged in saltwater and still germinate. They are often found as pioneer trees on lava flows and on mountain ridges.


  • Also known as New Zealand Christmas Bush.
  • Varies from a shrub to a small tree.
  • Has soft new growth at most times of the year.
  • This shrub has a lime green through silver to light green foliage.
  • The flowers are fluffy and vibrant orange-red pincushion flowers.
  • Blooms in spring-summer.
  • Tolerant to salt and sand.
  • Plant in full sun for rich foliage colour and flowering.
  • Part shade is also appreciable.
  • Requires free or well-drained clay loams and sandy soil with a neutral to acid pH for growing.
  • Requires light pruning after flowering.
  • Apply a native-plant fertiliser early spring or at planting for the best results.

Stocks are available in Capalaba Nursery, Brisbane.


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