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Lomandras are popular plants because of so many great attributes. They are an elegant native grass that grows in large round open tufts, like a fountain or firework. The round symmetrical shape makes them ideal for single plantings in the centre of a bed or the middle of a lawn.

They also make for beautiful edging plants without the need for trimming or clipping. Plus, they create an impressive impact when used for low maintenance plantingLomadras can be planted in pots or container, where their cascading tufts of narrow leaves can be seen to great effect.

Lomandras can be planted or placed anywhere in the garden and they will grow in wet areas and dry ones, in shade under trees and in full sun. They will also flourish at the damp edge of a garden pond, or in a dry herbaceous border; and for colder regions, Lomandras are frost tolerant too.

These great native grasses are excellent for binding loose soil together thus helping prevent erosion at uneven locations. They are also salt-tolerant, grow well in coastal gardens. Their green-yellow flowering spikes may not be showy, but they are highly distinctive.

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  • Looks like grass but they are tough perineal plants.
  • Can sustain in challenging conditions.
  • The flowers are small single star-shaped with yellow-orange shade.
  • They a selection of fine pine-green blades that form a compact and graceful mound.
  • These plants are exceptionally resistant to drought and more tolerant of cold climates.
  • Can grow on the full sun or heavy shade.
  • Requires average or low watering when established.
  • Requires well-drained clay, loamy sandy or silted soils for growing.

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