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Lilly Pillys

Lilly Pillies (commonly known as Australian cherries) are a popular evergreen tree or hedge that produces an edible red or purple fruit. The fast-growing Lilly pilly tree is characterised by spectacular thick foliage with a glossy sheen, which makes them ideal as hedges, windbreaks. They also serve well for attracting birds or as an eye-catching ornamental plant for your garden. Lilly pillies are classed under a number of different genera. Formerly known as Eugenia, they are presently classed as Acmena, Syzygium or Waterhousea. Even though Lilly pillies grow into large trees in a rainforest setting, they can happily adapt to regular pruning for size. Plus, you can also get its miniature varieties. They produce a marvellous display of highly fragrant white flowers in summer. The berries are perfect for preserves and jams. It should be noted that not all of the hybrids will produce fruit.


  • Has glossy evergreen foliage & coloured leaf growth.
  • Lilly Pillies are versatile plants used for screening and hedging purpose.
  • Best for planting around pool areas or backyards.
  • Lilly Pillies are available in different variants that include hedge, a dwarf as well as fruit trees.
  • They require little maintenance until established.
  • New plants require regular watering.
  • Regular mulching is needed to impart a cool moist root run.

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