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Kalanchoe plants are thick leaved succulents. They mostly end up as potted plants but areas that can mimic their native land of Madagascar can grow them outdoors. The clusters of tiny flowers produce a large bloom held aloft on stems above the majority of the foliage. If you wish a second bloom, it is crucial to know how to take care of a kalanchoe. These plants need short winter light periods to form new buds for bright and colourful flowers.

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  • Kalanchoes are thick leaved succulents available in florist shops and garden centres.
  • They are grown as house plants and are succulent perennials of the Kalanchoe family.
  • Fowers are typically red in colour.
  • More light influences denser foliage with numerous blooms.
  • Requires bright and sunny locations in the growing period.
  • Requires moderate watering in summers and less in winters.
  • A normal potting soil mix is fine.
  • Use slow-releasing fertiliser or liquid fertiliser twice a week.
  • Kalanchoe species have been used for ailments such as infections, rheumatism and inflammation.
  • Kalanchoe extracts have immunosuppressive qualities as well.

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