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A native from tropical America, Heliconias are in the same plant family as that of bananas and ginger. They are well-loved in the warmer areas for their exotic flowers and lush, upright foliage. Heliconias are increasingly popular as a screening plant around Brisbane. Heliconias will grow 3-4m every year. They come in a variety of styles and sizes. Although most Heliconias do well in full sun, there are a few varieties of this plant that thrives well in shade or part sun.

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  • Heliconias are tropical plants originating mostly from Central and South America.
  • Most Heliconias will live and grow in shady areas.
  • Likes high humidity, moist soil, bright light with organic-rich soil.
  • A protected position and good drainage are preferable for growth.
  • Heliconias are heavy feeders.
  • Fertilising and mulching during the growing season are highly required.
  • Their lush green leaves and stunning flowers make them highly sought tropical plant.

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