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The Hardenbergia genus is a member of the pea flower subfamily of the legume family. There are three species in Australia that grows in areas from Queensland to Tasmania. For a hardy, evergreen, twining, woody-stemmed climber, which has dark green leathery leaves with a mass of dark purple pea flowers Hardenbergia is a perfect choice. This wonderful Australian native plant is also known as False Sarsaparilla or the Purple Coral Pea. This plant mostly prefers a sunny or semi-shaded position and flowers better in full sun but it needs well-drained soil. Hardenbergia preferably likes a frost-free site, although it is tolerant to some frost. Like most other evergreen climbers, it has a tendency to run up a wall or fence. For compact growth and an even fence coverage, it requires pruning regularly after flowering.

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  • Grows like a mass of dark purple pea-shaped flowers above a scrambling evergreen climber.
  • Leaves are long and slender and a native to Australia.
  • Plant in full sun to partly shaded areas in the garden for the maximum flowering period.
  • Highly sensitive to frost.
  • Requires mulch and water until the plant matures.
  • Requires pruning after flowering to encourage dense growth.
  • Apply mulch and feed with a slow-release native fertiliser during spring for optimal growth.

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