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Grevilleas are among the most versatile plants that you can grow. You can use them as hedge plants, feature shrubs or trees, even as ground cover. Put them in a garden bed or in a container. Grevilleas are also charming as cut flowers. After all, it is one of Australia’s most popular and widely grown shrubs. There are no specific requirements to have a purely native garden in order to grow a grevillea. This iconic native plants can blend well with other plants including succulents, Mediterranean plants and also suit a cottage-style garden.

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  • This is a fast-growing, tall, dense, native tree.
  • Has large finely divided silvery-green foliage.
  • The large golden orange-yellow flowers are Long-lasting.
  • A great feature tree for home.
  • The flowers are honey laden and great for attracting native birds.
  • Grevilleas are suitable for reasonably cold temperatures and subtropical weather.
  • They like full sun and well-drained clay loams or sandy soils.
  • Tolerant to dry spells.
  • Needs care with native fertiliser in the early spring.

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