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Golden Cane

This is a decorative and hardy tropical palm with up to a dozen golden coloured trunks. However, it has no main trunk that curves out from the base. This is a popular plant with landscapers and plant enthusiasts as they look stunning around pools, patios and is an ideal potted palm in a sunny to partly shaded position area that is free from frost. The Golden Cane Palm also make a very attractive indoor plant in a warm spot with filtered light.

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  • The Golden Cane is a native to Madagascar.
  • It mostly grows naturally along streams in thickets.
  • This plant has a natural yellow colour, clustering trunk.
  • The Golden Cane grows around 7 to 10 metres.
  • It is an unarmed palm with no spikes or spines.
  • Easy to maintain and handle.
  • Grows best in a tropical and sub-tropical climate.
  • A great choice as an indoor plant.
  • It is quite resistant to drought but should be protected from frost.

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