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The most common frangipani is Plumeria rubra var. acutifolia. It has single white propeller-shaped flowers with a bright yellow centre and a strong perfume. There are many named and unnamed varieties with yellow, pink, red, dark red, violet and sunset-toned flowers, as well as dwarf and semi-dwarf varieties that are ideal outdoor plants for small gardens, courtyards or containers. Frangipanis grow well in warm coastal gardens and even inland with frost protection. Although the frangipani is widely associated with tropical islands such as Hawaii, they actually originated in Central America, Mexico and Venezuela, but have since spread around the tropics and subtropics. Temperatures, as well as growing conditions, influence the intensity of flower colour in frangipanis. Those grown in full sun and in tropical climates will have the most intensely-coloured blooms, but they are all equally rewarding wherever they are grown!

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  • Frangipani is an iconic tropical plant.
  • It ranges from a small tree to a large shrub.
  • The flowers bring a heady, soothing fragrance to the garden.
  • Frangipani will grow and flower well in coastal gardens.
  • In colder areas, they need to be grown in pots against a warm corner.
  • They need to be protected from frost and cold.
  • Frangipani is low maintenance and requires little water upon maturing.

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