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Ficus Pumila

  • commonly called Creeping Fig or Climbing Fig.
  • They are a native to East Asia.
  • They are vigorous.
  • Likes to attach to surfaces using aerial roots.
  • Its heart-shaped and white-edged leaves form on a fine stem.
  • It matures to produce large, leathery foliage on horizontal and woody branches.
  • Ficus pumila is a tough drought-tolerant creeper on maturing.
  • Pruning is needed to control rampant growth.
  • They are easy to grow and perfect for indoor hanging baskets.
  • They like bright but indirect sunlight and are low light tolerant.
  • Doesn’t grows well in overly watered soils.
  • Requires liquid fertilisers for the best results.

Ficus Pumila is available in Capalaba Nursery, Brisbane

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