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Echeveria is commonly known as ‘Hens & Chicks’ is a group of neat, compact rosette-forming plants looking especially attractive in pots or hanging baskets. The overlapping leaves may be green, blue to grey, or silver, many with pink flushes. Flowers are held on tall stems high above the foliage and are bell-shaped, mostly red, yellow or orange and flower during late winter to summer. Echeverias multiply rapidly and grow easily from cuttings.

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  • A beautiful succulent with pale green leaves.
  • This plant develops a red edge in the sun or bright light.
  • Matured plants may produce spikes of yellow and red bellflowers.
  • Great for growing in rockeries, pots and indoors.
  • Grows well in a drained soil in the sun for maximum leaf colour.
  • Requires little water until established.

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