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Dracaena is a large group of popular houseplants that tolerates a wide variety of growing conditions. It is grown primarily for the upright, straplike foliage that is either green or variegated. Occasionally the plants set clusters of small, fragrant, white blossoms but rarely in the indoors. The small and bushy form of young plants suits mantels, tabletops and desks. In the right conditions, the plants eventually reach 5 to 6 feet tall, making it perfect for adding life to a corner of the living room, dining room, or den.

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  • A plant with bright and strappy leaves, all around the year.
  • Has vibrant linear foliage with rich green and hot pink borders.
  • This plant adds a vibrant pink colour to the garden.
  • Dracaena makes for a good indoor plant.
  • Extremely low maintenance in warm and frost-free areas.
  • Suitable for containers, indoor planting with low light conditions.
  • Requires well-drained soil with full sun to a partly shaded position.
  • Prefers warm weather conditions.
  • Needs mulch and water regularly for a compact growth.

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