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Curry Tree

Known by the botanical name of Murraya koenigii. Murraya koenigii (Curry Tree) is semi-deciduous, aromatic small spreading shrub or tree with strong woody stem but slender with the stem which is dark green to brownish in colour the tree is 4–8.7m (13–31 feet) tall, with a trunk up to 81cm. The flowers of curry leaves are small, white fragrant and funnel-shaped. The diameter of a flower is 1.12cm in the fully opened form, each cluster bears approximately 60 to 90 flowers at a time after flowering at once. Curry leaves are aromatic in nature having characteristic aroma, leaves of curry leaves are shiny and smooth with paler undersides. The stem of Murraya koenigii is brown to dark green in colour, with dots on the bark like a small node on it when the bark was peeled off longitudinally under the exposing the white wood underneath.


  • This is an evergreen subtropical tree.
  • Has long broad highly aromatic fern-like leaves.
  • Produces small clusters of white fragrant flowers in summer.
  • Also produces shiny blackberries.
  • The Fresh leaves from this tree are a great ingredient in cooking.
  • Have a distinct, spicy curry-like flavour and odour.
  • Mostly self-pollinating.
  • Sometimes resistant to frosts.
  • Needs moderate watering.
  • Harvest season is all around the year.

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