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Bush Roses

Bush Roses are made up of a great selection of modern varieties with some older favourites mixes. Bush Roses are a hybrid between large flowers and clusters of flowers varieties. Bush roses are the stalwarts of gardens. There are varieties that will grow between 80 cm and 150 cm. These roses are perfect in garden beds, borders and for hedges. Some smaller varieties look great in patio pots. Bush roses are easy to grow, care and maintain. These robust plants come with good health and sweet fragrance. Pick the ones you like, place an order to have these beauties in your garden next summer.

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  • Stunningly beautiful, bush roses are the best addition for your garden.
  • Soft, fragrant buttermilk petals.
  • Thorny shrub with medium to long thorns in a medium-sized bush.
  • Bush roses can be mostly used as hedges or specimens.
  • Has glossy green foliage.
  • Produces best results in well-drained fertile soils.
  • Requires full sun or part shade for more blooms.
  • Pest and disease resistant.
  • Requires light pruning during late winters or early springs.

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