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Bay Leaf Tree

Bay tree, any of several trees with aromatic leaves, especially the sweet bay, or bay laurel (Laurus nobilis). Belongs to the family Lauraceae. Bay leaves are used in cooking. Bay trees are a native to the Mediterranean region. The sweet bay is an attractive evergreen tree that can reach as far as 18 metres or 60 feet in height. Male and female flowers are borne separately on individual trees. Its thick leathery leaves are roughly and oval in shape. The leaves bear a glossy dark green colour.


  • Bay leaf trees is a large shrub or a small tree with dark aromatic leaves.
  • Mostly known and used for bay leaf seasoning.
  • The dark green leaves are around 2-4 cms wide with 6-12 cms in length.
  • The flowers are small pale yellow-green in colour.
  • They occur in pairs beside the leaves.
  • The fruit of this tree is small shiny and black.
  • They are popularly known as “bay tree”, “sweet bay”, “Grevian Laurel”.
  • Bay trees thrive well in Mediterranean and Oceanic climates.
  • They prefer to grow in full sunlight or part shade areas with well-drained soil.
  • Watering should not be frequent. Time should be given to dry before repeating.
  • They prefer moist soil.
  • Excessive water or dry can kill the plant.

Fresh Bay leaf trees are available in Capalaba Nursery, Brisbane.


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