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Bark and Mulch

Bark Mulch is essential for gardening. They stay loose and does not bind. It has a nice dark colour and is great for plants. It does not fade over time. Bark mulch cultivates nicely into the soil. It helps improves soil structure and drainage. They are usually fertile and does not require nitrates to decompose. This product is readily available and comes in 1 to 3 cubic foot bags in a variety of sizes.



  • Bark mulch is a recycled hardwood.
  • They are completely natural, organic and free from chemicals.
  • Suitable for most garden conditions.
  • Retains its colour for a longer period of time.
  • Helps in retaining moisture.
  • Ideal for cottage gardens.
  • They are sourced from sustainable timber products.
  • Manufactured fresh daily.
  • Fresh aroma.
  • PH neutral and ideal for natives and most plant species.

Bark and Mulches are available through Capalaba Nursery, Brisbane.


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