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Alexandra Palms

Scientifically known as Ptychosperma alexandrae F.Muell. is a palm native to Queensland and New South Wales, Australia and naturalised in Hawaii and parts of Florida. It grows in the littoral rainforest. Often grows in locations that are severely inundated during heavy rainfall. Their ability to resist these conditions allow them to for dominance. It grows with a single trunk to a dramatic height of 20 – 30 feet or 6 – 10 meters. The flower-clusters grow directly off the trunk below the level of the palm fronds. They can themselves grow to approximately 3 feet or 1 meter in diameter. The flowers bear red berries that attract magpies. It can be often used as an ornamental plant.

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  • Also known as “Alex Palm’ or “King Palm”.
  • Hard and fast-growing native palm tree.
  • Lush green foliage with silver tones under the surface.
  • Likes full sun when grown.
  • Requires shade during maturity
  • Grows well in the garden or outdoor pots.
  • Large cream-coloured flowers with small red fruits, mostly in autumn.
  • Requires fertiliser every fortnight.
  • They require moisture during their growth.
  • Once grown they need to be kept dry in winters and moist during summers.

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