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Aechmea is a genus of epiphytes that are supported by other plants. They have aerial roots exposed to the humid atmosphere. Belongs to the pineapple family (Bromeliaceae), with more than 180 species that are distributed in tropical America. It has spiny-edged leaves, about 30 to 60 cm in length and grows in a rosette from the root. A spike of red and yellow flowers, often with blue tips, grows from the centre. Many species are grown as indoor ornamentals for their colourful foliage or showy flowers.


  • Also known as the “Urn Plant”.
  • A popular and striking bromeliad with broad, stiff and grey leaves.
  • Grows well in rockeries or indoors.
  • Non-tolerant to frost but suitable for indoor setup.
  • Needs humus rich well drained open soil to grow.
  • Suitable to grow in pots with access to indirect sunlight.
  • Requires less watering in winters but no dry.
  • Use fresh water to flush the well.

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