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July 8, 2021

Ideas for Indoor Plants

Getting some attractive indoor plants from your nearest garden supply centre in Brisbane can make your home space come to life. Apart from high aesthetics values, certain indoor plants have greater benefits for offering wellness. Indoor plants have been found to reduce stress and boost mood.

Staying in touch with nature’s best creation offer serenity and relaxation in return. As an inspiration for different types of indoor plants, we have created some trending ideas on house-plants that you can get both online and offline in Brisbane.

Trouble-free house plants


Succulents plants for sale Brisbane

Succulents are currently trending and for a good reason. They come in various shapes, sizes, colours. Also, they are extremely easy to maintain and take care of. Succulents are natural water retainers and they need watering as little as once a month. Commonly used varieties like the zebra-striped Haworthia can grow in a range of light conditions and almost requires no watering. However, succulents grow naturally in harsh light and temperature so it is best not to expect a longer life while placing it indoors.


Ficus plants for sale Brisbane

Ficus is a lovely indoor house plant that is considerably less fussy than the other varieties. This plant has dense, silver leaves that often grows in a single-stemmed trunk with big bushy leaves resembling a lollipop. This indoor plant is classic on its own due to its pruned look, which goes well with traditional decors and spaces. Ficus grows around 10 to 15 feet in height which make them suitable for indoor corners.

ZZ Plant or Aglaonema

Aglaonema plants for sale Brisbane

The ZZ plant has a sculptural shape with beautiful and glossy leaves. The leaves are highly pristine and shiny making them difficult to differentiate from a fake ZZ plant. This hardy plant adds glamour to all modern spaces and can adapt to the variations of any room in the right vessel. Best of all, ZZ plants are nearly impossible to kill. They can survive in strong light conditions, direct sunlight and even no light. However, overwatering is the only fatal threat to this plant. To keep it flourishing for years, water sparingly once a month.

The aglaonema plant is another example of a hardy variety of house plants with large, glossy and oval-shaped leaves. It is quite similar to the ZZ plant in several ways. This plant also comes with ease of maintenance with tolerance for low-light conditions. But it has a more classic look and works even better in the traditional spaces

House plants for low light corners


Pothos plants for sale Brisbane

Popularly known as the ‘cubicle plant‘ pothos has a high tolerance to less ideal conditions like low light. This is why Pothos is our choice of indoor plant available at our garden nursery in Brisbane. Its quickly-growing vines can extend to over 10 feet long making all spaces look lush. This plant grows well in medium to low but indirect light with water every one / two weeks, allowing the soil to dry between watering sessions.

Snake Plants

Snake plants for sale Brisbane

Snake plant is an attractive houseplant with thin, upright leaves having irregular banding. The incredible adaptation of this plant for surviving drought makes it an ideal plant for everyone. The leaf wrinkles is a sign of thirst. So make sure to keep an eye on them before watering. Snake plants grow well in medium to bright but indirect light. The requirement for water every two to three weeks makes them extremely low maintenance as indoor plants.

Bird’s Nest Ferns

Bird’s Nest Ferns for sale Brisbane

If you are searching for the right tropical houseplant, the bird’s-nest fern is your best choice. Known for its wavy and rippled-edges fronds growing out of the central rosette, this plant offers a vibrant splash of green to all indoor spaces. Considerably non-toxic, this house plant is safe for kids and pets. Thriving well in medium and bright indirect light this plant needs water one-to-two weeks.

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