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May 21, 2021

Get the Best Flowering Shrubs from Nurseries Northside of Brisbane

If we ask you to visualise the beautiful colours of the fall, you can mostly perceive large trees with bright orange, red and yellow hues. But do you know that there are certain shrubs that produce the same colours of the fall? If you are interested, then it’s time for you to visit any of the popular nurseries in the Northside of Brisbane.

However, we are taking the pains of listing some popular shrubs in our informative blog about some rare and unique garden plants that you can get for your home. These plants are certainly going to make your home environment more alluring and mesmerising during the fall.

  • Abelia

    This attractive and beautiful shrub grows low but compact and is evergreen in nature. The red stems bear bright golden variant green foliage. So you can consider this as a multicoloured wonder. You can expect to see small flowers from the summers to the early fall. This plant is known to attract some hummingbirds and colourful butterflies to add to the beauty of the garden.

    Abelia Flower in garden nursery Brisbane
  • Heavenly Bamboo (Firepower)

    This evergreen shrub is quite dense and mounding. Mostly green, this shrub takes the hue of a beautiful red and purple fall colour. The best part, the leaves turn red during the sun and cold. In addition, this shrub bears small white flowers that are followed by red berries.

    heavenly bamboo firepower in garden centres Brisbane
    Heavenly Bamboo Firepower
  • Heavenly Bamboo (Obsession)

    This shrub is also evergreen and grows dense and in the upright position. You can expect a fiery red growth that is followed by the same red and purple hue fall colour. This shrub too bears white flowers and red berries. Get these for your garden and we can guarantee you won’t run short of compliments.

  • Red fountain grass

    If you are looking for a welcome change, this full deciduous clump would be a great choice. The graceful and deep purple leaves would be a great view. The feathery dark pink flower heads tan with age, making the view subtle. You would be delighted to know that you can all of these exotic shrubs from any nursery near you.

    Red Fountain Grass in nurseries northside Brisbane
    Red Fountain Grass

The above shrubs would be a great addition to your garden and if you are planning to go ahead, head off to any of the nurseries in the Northside of Brisbane. We are sure that getting these shrubs for your garden will surely take the breath away from the onlookers.

Why Garden nurseries in Brisbane is the right choice for your gardening needs and garden supplies?

Choosing the best plant and shrubs for your garden is a difficult job. The wrong selection can cost you. This is why visiting any of the garden nurseries in Brisbane is always the right decision for plant enthusiasts and passionate gardeners.

Some of the best and popular garden nurseries not only offer you to choose your desired plants for your garden but here you get to choose some of the best garden equipment for your gardening venture. Expert suggestions from the friendly and experienced staff of such nurseries can help you make the right choice while choosing the appropriate plant for the planting session.

How do you choose the best garden nursery?

Not all garden nurseries are up to the mark when it comes to choosing the right breed and quality of plants for your garden. There are always odd ones in the flock. We don’t want you to fall for it, which is why we have listed some of the factors that separate the best garden nursery from the rest and which makes them exceptional.

  • Rare plants and saplings
  • Wide area to explore
  • Plants are available in bulk
  • Expert and experienced staff
  • Availability of gardening tools and equipment
  • Affordable price while buying in bulk
  • Delivery at your doorsteps while you place an order through their website.
  • Availability of seasonal plants and seeds
  • Lesser chance of getting bad quality products

Based on the following factors, we can highly recommend you to visit any of the garden nurseries in and around Brisbane, if you are willing to purchase fresh stocks for your house garden. We believe in giving you the best advice for your gardening aspirations.

This is why we recommend you for visiting Capalaba Nursery, one of the best plant nurseries in Brisbane that fulfils all the criteria mentioned above, to help nurture your gardening passion and creating your dream garden!

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