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August 27, 2019
Garden Nursery Brisbane

Considerable Facts before Buying Anything from a Nursery

When you visit a tree farm or a landscape centre, the experience is fun and relaxing at the same time. But, you could be mesmerized by the sight of too many shrubs, plants and trees. And, it becomes very difficult to choose the correct one that will last longer in your garden. So, to choose the correct plant, you need to consider some points that will help you get a plant which looks fresh in your garden like it did when you bought it.

Root ball size:

This is the most important factor while you choose plants for garden nursery Brisbane. As trees need roots and when the more roots are there, it is better. So, you need to check the size of root-balls which can tell a story as to how it will look down the road. Many landscape providers set cheap price for plants having fewer roots. So, you must not take those plants instead go for a landscape provider offering a good size of root-balls.

How the plant is being watered:

Different garden centres have different ways to water their plants in order to keep them healthy. If the plants are not properly watered, roots might dry up. As a result, it would destroy the plant. So, you need to check the gardening centre’s methodology of watering the plants.

Potted, Balled or bur lapped:

Many people think that buying potted plants are better than balled or burlapped. But, you never know how long the plant is being kept there in that pot. So, if you are buying a potted one, you need to ask them for how long the plant has been in the pot. And, if you are buying a balled or bur lapped one, you need to make sure that the burlap and the wire basket are tightly fixed. If it is loose, it will lead to root damage when you move it around. So, three of them are good to buy but make sure you choose the correct one for your gardening.


Many times people have witnessed the situation when their plants get dried up and looked ugly but they are not dead. At this time, the gardening centre will say that they did not water the plants due to which the condition is like that. And, they will not replace the plant. So, you must not get fooled. So, take the plants from the landscape provider offering large root system so that your plants will not dry up easily.

How the plant is handled:

Another important thing that you must take into account is the handling factor of plants. If the tree is handled more, the more chances occur for root damage. The best way to move the tree is mounting it into a truck from the field to your yard directly. It will result in lesser damage or none.

Also, you need to ensure they are using the correct equipment for planting a tree in your garden. So, you must take account of these parameters when you go for buying a plant from a tree nursery, Brisbane. It will help you choose a correct plant and for longer lifespan of your plants.

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