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June 1, 2021
Checklist for Buying Plants Online in Brisbane

Checklist for Buying Plants Online in Brisbane

With an increase in the interest in gardening and so many restrictions due to the social distancing norms, you may want to consider purchasing your favourite plants online in Brisbane. However, there are several pros and cons when you are buying nursery supplies or plants online. 

In most cases, the plants you would be ordering online are comparatively smaller than what you might find locally. With a variety of specifications and species, ordering plants online can help you get exactly what you are looking for if you have the patience to wait.

What should be expected when purchasing plants online

Purchasing nursery supplies and plants online certainly has its own pros and cons. In some cases, the plants that you are ordering might or might not vary from the plants for sale that you can actually see in garden supply centres/nurseries in Brisbane. However, the biggest catch is “Not to be afraid of ordering online”. 

As far as possible, if you read about our marked list, set your goals, and do your own research getting plants online can be a great option. This blog covers each aspect that you should be knowing when you are purchasing plants online.

  • Purchasing large plants locally in person can cost less

    Sometimes it is rather profitable to purchase plants in person than ordering online. If you cannot pick a specific plant, that can be when you can turn to buy online plants. So you can perhaps visit your nearest local nursery for your desired plant. Sometimes in case of unavailability, they are more than happy to get it for you.


  • Plants purchased online are smaller

    Purchasing plants from an online nursery is not always getting the same type of plants from the nearest nursery. If you are expecting to get the same sized plants at the same price, you can consider thinking again.


  • The shipping dates can give a nasty shock

    Paying attention to the shipping dates is extremely important. Not all retailers or sellers ship their products immediately after you book/order your product. Usually online plant nurseries ship plants at the time of plantation. In other cases, you can expect the product somewhere between one to two weeks.



  • Read about customer reviews

    Customer reviews can save you time and money. The word of mouth is a powerful tool. From the customer reviews themselves, you can find if the seller is customer-centric or not. If the seller is worth your money and time you are free to go ahead and if it is the other way around, it is best to find other reliable plant sellers.


  • Online plants can easily get damaged during delivery

    Despite being careful there’s always a chance that your purchased plants will not survive or might get damaged during the shipping process. The lack of care while shipping plants displays the real mindset of the seller. This is where you need to step down from making a valid purchase. There is no harm in spending a little money on getting an unharmed plant for sale from a local nursery.


  • Cancellations and back-ordering can happen quite often

    Back ordering and cancellations can happen many times. So it is always better to keep a track of your order and check any updates you get on the purchase. We are exactly no sure why does this happens or if this is too common with online nurseries. But it is always better to know about it than to get disappointed if it ever happens.

All said and done, online ordering of plants has a bigger better brighter side. They can provide with you a lot of varieties of plants and seeds. A great option if your local nursery is a small place for your gardening aspirations. Great deals and offers can help you get plants online for sale without any trouble. Plus you get your products delivered to your doorstep.

If buying plants online in Brisbane is what you are looking for, our nursery is your one-stop solution.  As one of the prominent garden supply centres in Brisbane, Capalaba Nursery has a wide range of products and garden supplies in stock. For more details on our products, you can browse our website or visit our garden centre in Brisbane.

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