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July 20, 2021

10 Essential Gardening Tools from Wholesale Nurseries in Brisbane

Are you all set to make some changes to your home yard? If you are thinking to do it all alone make sure to visit any of your local wholesale nurseries in Brisbane. To start with gardening you are going to need certain tools and ideas(literally!) that are available in such gardening shops in Brisbane. To help you make your list we have sorted the top 10 gardening tools and equipment that you can purchase both locally and online. To know more read on.

Equipment to get from any nearest or local wholesale nursery in Brisbane

1. Gloves


If you don’t want your fingers to turn green, it is best to keep them protected. Proper gardening gloves are the first line of defense against thorns, splinters, dirt, thistles, and infections. They are commonly available in most gardening shops in Brisbane. While choosing the right gardening gloves you need to make sure they are:

  • Well designed to protect your wrists’ sensitive areas.
  • Fully resistant to water and dirt.
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Malleable and easy to use

2. Hoses and Irrigation

Hoses and Irrigation

Hoses and Irrigation tools are essential items that are most often overlooked. They effectively help deliver water to all corners of your garden. Water is much-needed for dispersing nutrients and air to your plants through their roots. Before buying a good hose or irrigation system, you need to ensure they have:

  • Rubbery and tangle-free designs to avoid kinking
  • The correct length for controlling the amount of pressure
  • Adjustable parts with nozzles to reach all areas of the garden

3. Gardening fork

Gardening fork

According to the wholesale nursery supplies experts in Australia, the soil content is pretty unique. There can be certain areas that are tough and filled with clay. If this seems quite similar to your garden, you are possibly going to need a solid garden fork to finely separate the soil. Look out for garden forks that have:

  • A well balanced and ergonomic design for easy application and utility use
  • Possibly curved and has strong tines for turning mulch and digging soil
  • Or has straight but square tines for making hard and solid ground

4. Spades


Due to their versatility in a wide range of applications, spades are one of the most crucial tools for any garden application. Ask about its importance to anyone who tried to dig a hole by their hand. While on the lookout for spades find one that:

  • Has ergonomic designs with hardwood handles to absorb or distribute shock 
  • Offers a stainless steel head to protect from rust or bending
  • Is enough  thick and sharp to cut through the roots or soil while digging

5. Gardening knife or scalpel

Gardening knife

Often you need to cut down the chase. A knife should not be limited to the kitchen drawer only. They have equal importance in gardening as well, like quick pruning, cutting down strings, digging small holes. Try and find a gardening knife that:

  • Is made from high quality, rusting proof stainless steel
  • Can be sharpened effortlessly
  • Can be easily stored safety

6. Garden Hoes

Garden hoes allow you to till soil more easily. They have the right-angled blade which penetrates deep into the earth allowing one to disperse the material with minimum effort. Not all garden hoes are equal, so you would want to find one that is:

  • Heavy duty and manufactured to penetrate and till hard soil
  • Long and easy to handle
  • Useful in taking off pressure from back and arms
  • Well coated to stay sprinter free throughout lifetime

7. Secateurs


Pruning is an important step to prepare your plants for different seasons. It encourages stable and strong growth of stems by getting rid of damaged or infected plant parts. However, if you are looking for a good pair of secateurs for easy pruning, you need to make sure if it:

  • Would last through several years of usage with replaceable blades
  • Has the right contours to hold for easy leverage and application
  • Has important features like sap grooves and safety locks

8. Knee Protectors

Your existing gardening project might require you to spend a lot of time on your knees while weeding or feeding the plants. Therefore you might want to protect your joints from any damage or injury. Knee protection can be a great preventive measure that can help your spend more time in your yard. While buying knee protectors your need to find pads that:

  • Fits your legs properly and prevent slipping
  • Is well padded, supported, and structured
  • Easily washable

9. Garden Cart or Wheel Barrow

Garden Cart or Wheel Barrow

While working on a garden, there are always situations where you have to make heavy lifting and carrying materials. Make the heavy work easy on yourself. A wheelbarrow is an essential piece of equipment that is particularly useful for larger gardens. Wheelbarrows can help you shift soil, rocks, leaves, plants, or other materials. To purchase your choice your wheelbarrow or garden rack you should find one that is:

  • Well balanced and proportioned 
  • Strong, rust-resistant, and sturdy to carry heavy loads
  • Generously proportioned to have a capacity of over 100 L

10. Multipurpose rake

A multipurpose rack is an essential tool that can help gather debris, leaves, and even shifts soils. As a budding gardener, you would want to purchase a multipurpose rack that:

  • Manufactured from light yet strong material like polycarbonate
  • Can help poke holes to till and aerate the soil

Capalaba Nursery has everything that you require to help your garden come to life. From vibrant plant life to gardening supplies and landscaping, our garden supply centre and garden shop in Brisbane is fully equipped and stocked for your next dream garden project. You can also visit our official website to order plants online and avail yourself of plant delivery services in Brisbane.

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